Samuel Rowe

MYP Coordinator & MYP Mathematics Teacher

My career as an educator has taken me to many places. I started my journey in the UK, then travelled to India and on to China where I began my fascination with the approach to learning in the IB and more specifically the MYP. In my most recent role I began the process of helping an international school in China on the path to become an IB world school as MYP coordinator. I feel very lucky to now be continuing the same role in GIS, an established and thriving IB school.

I have always had an ability and an interest in mathematical subjects, and I hold a Master´s degree in Astrophysics as well as a PGCE from the University of Sheffield. In teaching Mathematics for the MYP I am extremely excited to keep up with developments in technology and integrate them with the students learning.

In my free time, I am thoroughly enjoying exploring the beautiful nature here in Norway and exploring as many hiking trails as possible.