GIS Library


With the move to a larger location, the GIS library can offer more space to students. The library is divided into 2 main sections, the PYP and the MYP areas. Within those areas, we have books organised by age. In the PYP we have Picture books, Non-fiction books, and a range of levelled fiction chapter books for all ages and interests. The MYP area has a range of fiction and non-fiction books as well as collections of classic literature. Both areas have a dedicated workspace for their users. In between the two areas, we have an extensive collection of Norwegian books in both fiction and non-fiction. With one section housing the non-fiction and lower ability books and the other side housing the advanced Norwegian chapter books.

PYP students visit the library once a week with their class to take new books. Students also have a second opportunity to visit the library during their research skills lesson.

MYP students have the opportunity to visit the library during morning break Monday thru Friday. Students have the opportunity the exchange book, work on group projects, or complete homework. A dedicated section is available for students on a first come first serve basis.


The library is a special space open for anyone and everyone. We ask that patrons to the library use their indoor voices, and respect those around them working on schoolwork. This is not the appropriate space to catch up with friends nor to play online games. We kindly ask you to reserve that activity for after school and break times on the playing fields.

We request that no food be brought into the library. Water bottles are welcome but are asked to remain in the green water bottle station at the side of the door.

We kindly ask parents and students to look after our precious books. As it is life, books can become damaged or lost. We kindly ask that you report this as soon as possible to the librarian. Please be aware that you will need to cover the cost of replacing the lost/damaged book. If you would like to, you are very welcome to source and purchase the book yourself and give it to the library or accept the payment request from the school. Once the books are replaced/returned, students may borrow a book again.


GIS uses the Libresoft Catalogue system to organize our library. This is an online service which can be accessed at any time from any device- phone, tablet or computer that has access to the internet. To use the catalogue, you will need to first have a username and password given by the librarian. Please email the librarian if you need support in logging in or creating a new account.

Under the student/teacher login please enter the following information:

  • Please type your barcode here: ______ (if you do not know it, please email me for barcode number)
  • Please Enter Your Password: 961ch_____ (It is the first two letters of your first name and second- Joe Dog would be: 961chJoDo

Please go under CATALOGUE and search for books.

  • Once you have found a book that you would like to reserve
  • Click on SELECT ACTION
  • The middle option will be RESERVE BOOK Press confirm

The book will be brought to the classroom as soon as possible.


The birthday book club is a way to celebrate reading and books at the same time. All Students/Staff may donate a book to the school library as part of their birthday celebration. One may either make a 100kr donation to the school library or donate a new or gently used book. Forms may be found either in the Library or on the Library corkboard in the locker room area. 


Five times a year students have the opportunity to order brand-new books from the UK. Books are postage free into Norway and have the additional bonus of providing free new books for the school library based upon parent orders. Notice of a club beginning for the week will be posted in the school newsletter for advanced notice for parents. All orders are completed online as well as making the payment. The link is as follows: Books will be distributed to the correct classrooms upon arrival. If you wish your child NOT TO SEE THE BOOKS- please mark for your child’s class to be OFFICE PICK UP. Book will be available for collection from the office between 0800hrs and 1600hrs.


GIS hosts a week-long annual book exchange. This event is held in the spring during Book Week. This opportunity allows students to bring a new or gently used book to school to exchange for another book. This book can be for any age, fiction as well as non-fiction, and can be in any language. Further information is available in the school newsletter every spring.


Mrs. Rasen is available at snack time and after school to help students with their book selection. If you have any further questions, please email Mrs. Rasen at