School environment

We make every effort to ensure that the environment at GIS is positive and safe. The school adheres to the Norwegian Act of Education § 9A. We work hard to encourage children to take care of each other and to work together in positive and socially responsible ways. For more information regarding the Norwegian Act of Education § 9A please click here.

Chapter 9A in the Norwegian «Opplæringsloven» (Education Law) provides specific information on the rights and regulations regarding the psychosocial environment. ​

​Maintaining this environment is the responsibility of all school employees, including teaching staff, support staff, as well as any other individuals who are present at the school on a regular basis. ​

​The school has zero tolerance for bullying, violence, discrimination or harassment.​

​This can include incidents on the way to or from school, cyberbullying or feeling excluded outside of school at any time. ​

​It can also include situations where parents may be contributing to a negative or unsafe psychosocial environment at school for a particular student or students.

Duty of care

There are 5 types of action mandated by Norwegian law. As a school, we are required to document that we have fulfilled our duty of care in these areas.​

  • Monitoring whether students have a positive and safe psychosocial environment​
  • Intervening in cases of bullying, violence, discrimination or harassment whenever possible​
  • Reporting to head or principal if one suspects or is aware of a student who does not have a positive and safe psychosocial environment. If a concern involves a senior member of staff, the chair of the school board should be contacted immediately.​
  • Investigating any situations where students, parents or other relevant parties report problems regarding the psychosocial environment​
  • Taking action in relation to all identified problems​


If a student or parent feels that the school has not fulfilled their duty of care (following the concern raised) as outlined by the law, they can present their case directly to the county authorities (State Administrator, formerly Fylkesmannen).​

​For a case to be presented to the county authorities (State Administrator), the concern must have been brought to the head of school’s attention at least five days prior.​

​It is the county’s responsibility to make a decision on whether or not the school has fulfilled their duty of care, taking into account what is reasonable to expect given the particular student and the timeframe.​

​The school must provide documentation of what they have done to fulfill their duty of care.​

​There is no timeframe as to when the county must make a decision.​

​Students/parents can appeal the county’s decision.