Joshua Bolton

Teaching Assistant

After spending five years in Trondheim in my early twenties, this is my second time living in Norway. Whilst living in Trondheim, I gained experience working in Trondheim International School. Aptly for a career in education, I studied ethology (animal behaviour) at Aberystwyth University in Wales. Although my focus at university often was on creatures with multifarious legs, I am curious about how the brain works and responds to the environment across the animal kingdom – including our own peculiar branch!

Teaching has always been something that has appealed to me, although circumstances in life have yet to allow me to pursue this interest. After university, I worked for the UK government on a multi-million-pound flood prevention project. Alongside this, I volunteered in a primary school in the village I was living in. The decision to move back to Norway was made in 2018, as a better place to raise my half-Norwegian daughter.

In my free time, I like swimming in lakes – in summer – and skiing in the winter.