Geir F. Stavsøien

MYP Music teacher

Reflections on who we are and our place and role in the world are essential in lifelong learning, also regarding the understanding of cultural references in music. Being a global musical citizen is just as much about recognizing the common language of music, as it is about acknowledging and respecting the individual voices that surround us. In the end, music is just sounds interpreted as something meaningful.

GIS Music is about creating, wondering and experiencing a meaningful existence through various activities and approaches. Children are curious and creative by nature, and in music they have an opportunity to discover a diverse world, both outside and within themselves.

At GIS, our students and I will explore music through creating, experiencing and reflecting. In this task, composition and listening are key activities, constantly supported by conversation about what we do and what we hear, not to mention how we perceive music. By revealing the various layers in music, we will also reveal ourselves as musical human beings. In our school, we are lucky to have class sets of various instruments, allowing every child to engage in the activity of practical musicianship; musicking. In addition to being meaningful in itself, learning to play instruments is also about creating a basis for our understanding of what music is, what role it has and what it can be in our everyday life.