GIS Newsletter 26


PYP Authorization

We are currently working on our application for candidacy, which will start our journey towards PYP authorization. In the application, we need to provide information on our teaching practices, assessment, professional development for teachers, etc. If our application is accepted, we will become a candidate school. The IB will assign us a consultant, who is an experienced educator at an authorized IB school. The consultant will guide us through the authorization process for 14 months. Next, we will submit an application for authorization and a date will be set for a two-day verification visit. Two IB-trained visitors will read through our curriculum and procedures, speak with students, parents and the board, observe classes, etc. Based on the findings of the verification visit team, the IB will make a decision about authorization. This is the process in a nushell. We will provide you with detailed information on each stage. Our deadline to submit an application for candidacy is 1st April 2016.


Newsletter Available on GIS Website Now

We are pleased to inform you that our weekly Newsletter is now available on our website so that everyone can access it. We would like to thank Simon McCallum for making it possible!

Scholastic Book Club


Thank you to everyone who ordered from our Scholastic Book Club. We are delighted to let you know that thanks to your support we earned £70 to spend on books for the school. So far this year, GIS has manged to raise more than £623.41 for new books for our library. We thank you for your continued support. Please look out for our next Book Club to order great books at great prices and earn loads of free books for our school while you do.

Warmest regards,
Mrs Rasen

Talent Show

In today’s assembly, we shared three simple ideas with students that do not require money, costumes or elaborate equimpment. What counts is creativity and perseverance. We emphasised the importance of practice and support.

Some students wanted to practice for the show during their breaks. However, we think it is far mor important that they go out and play in order to relax between classes. It is still posible for students to practice in their clasroom between 8:15 and 8:30 and they can choose to practise during their free choice time on Friday afternoon. The Talent Show being scheduled at the end of April, we believe this gives students plenty of time to prepare. Also, practice might become an opportunity for a play date.

Professional Development

One of the requirements for schools to be authorized by the IB is that teachers receive IB-authorized training. Last week, Ms Wieczorek attended a workshop in Madrid and this Thursday, Mr. Duevel and Mrs. Rasen leave for Birmingham to return even better teachers after the Easter Break!

Easter Break
Just as we have recovered from our Winter Break, we are approaching this year’s Easter Break also known as spring break in… some countries. The last day of school is Friday 18th March. Classes resume onTUESDAY 29th March
Third Language at GIS
Thank you very much to everyone who responded to our survey regarding a third language at GIS. Having considered all suggestions and their implications, we have decided to offer German in Grade 6-7 next academic year. The main arguments for German included the fact that it is offered in the IB Diploma Programme at Gjøvik VS, where most of our students will continue their education, and that we’ll be able to establish an exchange programme with a school in Germany.In the future, we would like to offer a choice of languages, so other options will be added.
We’re Growing!
We are pleased to inform you the remaining part of the school will be ready in April 2017, not in August as planned before. We are very excited about the development. As building will start after we break up for summer, we will not be able to offer a summer school this year. However, our agreement withForsker Fabrikken about the last week of the summer holiday still stands.

This Week’s Project

Tomorrow, we will have another art project with Art Olson.

1. A pair of pink snow trousers.

2. A black thermos.

Please let us know if you’ve seen the missing items.

Call For Experts

Dear GIS Community,
We are working on our Exhibition and we need your help. We need experts who know a lot about our topics and problems. We would be very happy if you could read our Central Ideas and Lines of Inquiry (attached to this Newsletter) and could tell us if you are or you know an expert.
If you think you can help us, please send an email to our teacher, Ms. Wieczorek (Ms.W) at:
Thank you in advance for your support.

Kind regards,
Grade 5WB Students

(Lola, David, Vilde, Dina, Ingeborg, Eirun, Jiahui and Vegard)

Contact details:
If you have any questions about invoices, please contact  Bente Ormestøylon bentet@rcas.noOur nurse, Evy Kyseth, can be contacted